Ways To Include More Touch In Your Relationship Without Sex

One complaint that some people have about their relationship is that there's not enough non-sexual touching that occurs between them and their partner. You may be aware if there's little in the way of touching on an everyday basis in your relationship. This can be distressing, especially if you enjoyed all sorts of physical contact early on in your relationship. If you're aware of this issue, it's a good idea to seek help from a relationship counsellor. The prevalence of this issue for many couples means that your relationship counsellor will almost certainly have helped other couples with this problem and will be ready to offer solutions to you and your significant other. Here are some ideas that they might suggest.


Many couples cuddle early in their relationship, but can rarely do so in the months or years ahead. There can be numerous reasons that you may no longer cuddle, but this is an activity that your relationship counsellor may recommend that you explore. Cuddling without it leading to sex is a good way to create physical connection. If you set some time aside for cuddling a few times a week—perhaps with a rule that you won't talk about parenting, your jobs, or other topics as you cuddle—you may begin to notice a closer physical bond with your significant other.


Giving each other a massage can be another enjoyable way to connect on a physical level. Some couples use massage as a foreplay technique, but your relationship counsellor may advocate that you try massaging each other without it leading to sex. There are different ways to approach the topic of massage. You might massage your partner for half an hour one night, and they might massage you for the same duration a night or two later. Or, you might each give the other a short massage—10 minutes, for example—before bed.

Public Displays Of Affection

Public displays of affection can increase the amount of touch between you and your partner in a fun way that makes you recall when you were first dating. Holding hands when you walk through a parking lot on the way to the supermarket, sneaking a kiss while you wait in line at the movie theatre, and other similar actions can be a thrill for both of you. To further explore the idea of touching that doesn't lead to sex, reach out to a counsellor near you that provides relationship counselling.